In the meantime, I’ll hold off on taking any

Middletown Mayor calls Republican Chairman racist

In response to the article, Drew wrote, “Good. This is what happens when you support the Klan and jail kids. It’s what happens when you sell out to dictators.”

## ## Committee Chairman Wilson responded to Drew and said, “So would you be happy if this was happening to you and your family?”

The Mayor, who bowed out of the Governor’s race in January of 2018, continued the spat with Wilson, “I’ll tell you what. When I start jailing kids I’ll expect to get thrown out of restaurants. In the meantime, I’ll hold off on taking any lectures from openly racist people. And, yes, I mean you, Bill.”

Wilson responded, “You calling me racist, really,” Wilson said. “Maybe you should do your damn job and get off Facebook and run the city you were elected to run. I still remember you not telling anyone you were going to China for fear of your family. But it is okay to attack others who don’t agree with you.”

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